The Rebirth of Venus

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My works usually unfold in series. Themes vary, incorporating multiple disciplines.

I like to incorporate modern quantum theory within a whole mélange of seemingly incongruent ideas, landscape, history, archetypes, mythology and current sociological events. I try to push the visual moiré of these ideas to where I feel I’ve touched a kind of holographic representation of what reality may be, a multiverse with many ideas interwoven within the same space-time continuum.

I often use Allegory to convey my subjective interpretation through perceived phenomena e.g. using our landscape’s need for fire to rebirth itself into new growth.

The element of fire also needed to transmute or alchemise different states of consciousness to other, perhaps more refined, platforms of

I try to see the causal tension underpinning each subject approached and no single answer seems to come forward in this search.

I’m tending to move toward new symbolism as a narrative beyond the normal façade of what we term “reality”.

John has recently authored his first book about his NDE (near death experience) which happened via an accidental poisoning on the feared Amanita Muscaria mushroom 28 years ago.

“This book took 8 years to complete during my spare time, giving potential buyers an insight into why I paint the way I do”.

“There are some controversial truths I gleaned during my experience which totally changed my ‘reality’ and I need to address and constantly challenge known ‘truths’ underpinning my more visionary works”.

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