Contemporary Australian Art by John Scott
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In search of the Blue Bird of Happiness

In Search of the Blue Bird of Happiness

My works usually unfold in series. Themes vary, incorporating multiple disciplines.

I like to incorporate modern quantum theory within a whole mélange of seemingly incongruent ideas, landscape, history, current sociological events, various sciences and philosophies.
I try to push the visual moiré of these ideas to where I feel I’ve touched a kind of holographic representation of what reality may be, a multiverse with many ideas interwoven within the same space-time continuum.

I often use Allegory to convey difficult aspects in regards to both internal and external phenomena e.g. using a Banksia’s need for fire to rebirth itself into new growth.
The element of fire also needed to transmute or alchemise different states of consciousness to other, perhaps more refined, platforms of understanding.

I try to see the causal tension underpinning each subject approached and no single answer seems to come forward in this search.
Mostly subjective, my reality differs depending on my states of being at any given time.

I’m tending to move toward abstraction as a narrative beyond the normal façade of what we term “reality”.

John Scott © 2016

Andromeda's Prayer to Perseus

Andromeda's Prayer to Perseus
Oil and Mixed media on canvas
w143cm X h135cm


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