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John has exhibited nationally and internationally for close to 40 years, often avoiding the limelight in favour of inner inquiry into his craft.
Peers, art dealers/gallery managers consider John a masterclass artist.

Subject matter is not limited to one genre as he feels this boxes him into a style that eventuates in stagnation and a narrow interpretations of 'reality'.
His technical skills are evident as he is just as comfortable using traditional techniques as well as more contemporary mixed media applications.
Prior to his fine art career John worked as a freelance illustrator for close to 10 years working directly with corporate clients before shifting into fine art.


"My works usually unfold in series. Themes vary, incorporating multiple disciplines.

I like to incorporate modern quantum theory within a whole mélange of seemingly incongruent ideas, landscape, history, archetypes, mythology and current sociological events.
I try to push the visual moiré of these ideas to where I feel I’ve touched a kind of holographic representation of what reality may be, a multiverse with many ideas interwoven within the same space-time continuum.

I often use Allegory to convey my subjective interpretation through perceived phenomena e.g. using our landscape’s need for fire to rebirth itself into new growth.
"I am currently working on a series of "underscapes".
Rather than painting landscapes using Euclidean outdated visual application of light,
underscapes involve the hidden world of nature bringing "light into dark areas" - often showing mycelium root structures that travel vast distances aiding the health of
whole forests right down to the molecular level.
Ironically the internet mirrors the very organic process of Mycelium root systems on a macro scale.
The interconnection of the world wide web mirrors the vast root systems of fungi.
Personal PCs and handheld mobile devices
mirror the fruiting bodies of fungi.
Fungi have unique properties, 100s of thousands of species as yet undiscovered, some toxic, some
liberate consciousness like medicine lifting one's consciousness to cosmic levels of interaction.
Science is proving that mycelium and fungi are extremely important in the health of the planet.

John Scott © 2022

Artist Biography

Born Sydney 1961, Australia


2023 - Small works finalist Lethbridge Gallery QLD
2023 - Small works art prize Brunswick Street Gallery
2013 – Semi-finalist Doug Moran Portrait Prize
2015 – Semi-finalist Doug Moran Portrait Prize

2022 - "Underscapes" Curate Art Design. Sorrento Victoria
2016 – Chifley tower – Soho Gallery
2015 – ‘Wind’ : Without Pier Gallery, VIC
2012 – ‘Prometheus and other Mythological Moirés 2012’ : Glen Eira City Council Art
Gallery, VIC
2009 – ‘Telesma’ : Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW
2009 – ‘Vesica Piscis’ : Soho Galleries, Sydney, NSW
2007 – ‘Interconnected’ : Zohara Gallery, Adelaide, SA
2007 – ‘Dreams of Another Time’ : Gallery O, Perth, WA
2006 – ‘Landscape’ : Lynne Wilton Gallery, Armadale, VIC
2005 – ‘The Great Mother’ : Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW
1985 – ‘Landscapes’ : Scone Gallery, Scone, NSW

2020 – “Eternal Nature” Ultrafik Fine Art Gallery Port Macquarie
2019 - Journey into Imagination - Ultragrafik Fine Art Gallery
2019 – All the best, Soho gallery Syd
2018 – All the best, Soho gallery Syd
2017 – All the best, Soho gallery Syd
2014 – Gallery Klei Sydney
2012 – ‘Sydney Art Expo 2012’ Hordern Pavilion
2012 – KWASS Group Exhibition “Mangae – A state of full bloom” NSW Parliament House
2011 – ‘Year of Friendship Australian Artists Seoul Exhibition’ Korea Foundation Cultural
Centre, Seoul, KOREA
2011 – Group Exhibitions, Bom Gallery, Seoul, KOREA
2009 – ‘Melbourne Art 2009’, Carlton, VIC
2008 – ‘Art Singapore 2008’, Singapore
2008 – ‘Brisbane Art 2008’, QLD
2008 – ‘Melbourne Art 2008’, Carlton, VIC
2007 – ‘Christmas Group Show 2007’, Hat Hill Gallery, Blackheath, NSW
2007 – ‘Cameos’, Seeger Gallery, Leura, NSW
2007 – ‘Salt of the Earth’, Gallery O, Perth, WA
2005 – ‘Summer Solstice Salon’, Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Sydney
2005 – ‘Balmain Art Show’
2005 – ‘Sydney Art 05’
2005 – ‘Summer Solstice Submissions’ TAP gallery
2005 – ‘Sticks and Stones’ Global Gallery Paddington
2005 – ‘The Winter Solstice Salon 2005’, Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Sydney
2005 – ‘Love Lives ’05’ Global Gallery, Paddington
2004 – ‘Elements of Earth’, Artsconnect Upstairs gallery, Manly
2004 – ‘Natural Stimulants’, The Base Space Contemporary Gallery, Brookvale
2003 – ‘Splash’ Northern Expressions, The Base Space Contemporary Gallery, Brookvale
1994 – Selected for Warringah Art Prize
1990 – ‘Urban Scapes’ Gallery Api, Toulouse, France
1988 – ‘Reef Paintings’ Upstairs Gallery, Cairns
1988 – St Josephs College, Hunters Hill
1988 – Duke of Wellington Gallery, Mosman
1987 – Kings College, Sydney
1987 – Kambala School Art Exhibition, Rosebay
1986 – Rotary Club Art Exhibition
1985 – Scone Gallery, Hunter Valley

1986 to 2022 – Numerous commissions for private collections in USA, Japan, Europe,
Australia, Canada and Fiji, UK
2005 – Corporate Collection, QBE Insurance Group
1994 – Corporate Collection, Vatulele Island Resort, Fiji.
1991/92 – Commissioned to paint Major series of 6 works for a Private Collection, USA

1994 – Artist in Residence, Vatulele Island Resort, Fiji
1994 – Member of the Peninsula Art Society, Sydney
1994 – Warringah Art Prize (Judges: Colin Lanceley and Ann Thomson)
1992 – Sydney Morning Herald, Freelance Illustrator
1991 to 1992 – Lived in France. Oil painting tutelage under Philip Cliq, Toulouse
1987 to 1996 – Freelance Illustration Advertising/Editorial.
1986 – Graphic Design, Randwick College, Sydney

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